Sunday, July 5, 2009

sun rise =)


Just to be honest, I feel quite calm and comfortable today after one "messy" day yesterday... Thanks God, I can wake up early in the morning, do my 'sunat' prayer and take my "sahur" meal for today's fasting.... Thanks God, He still give me this chance and I don't know how easily I woke up today though I did not have my best bed time last night.. Maybe He wants to remind me that no matter how hard my life is, He always be with me.....

After 'sahur', I continued writing my "novel" and it is almost finished! Thanks God for making my life easier, and my ideas of writing are always there.......

I hope today God will make my life easy.... I know, sometimes I'm bad girl.... Always doing mistakes though I know they're wrong... I hope today, I can be a better person..... Even it is imposibble for me to be a perfect one... :)

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  1. my request..
    give me the honour to be the first reader of ur novel.hihi..


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