Saturday, July 4, 2009

Beach, Life, and my heart... =)

Hi there!

I can't wait of coming back home.... It's too long since the last day I walked by the sea, 'examined' the beauty of sky and feel the fresh air at the beach...

And at this moment, I really miss all of those feelings.... It's awesome!

You know, although we always want someone by our side, sometimes it's better to be alone... I know that I'm a type of "jiwang" girl.. But there is also a side of me that can turn me to a "ganas" girl... It's not like I want to fight in a war, but sometimes I can also be a very naughty girl... How naughty I am?? Erm, you can ask any of my close friends...

Herm, I'm too tired of those feelings... The feelings which make me down and upset... Is there anything that can bright my day?? At this moment, I feel very tired of feeling sad and frustrated.... I dream of joviality which can make my lips smile and smile...and make my face as bright as sun!

Or should I just say goodby to all of those sadness and leave all of those "jiwang" thing?? I don't know how much the "percentage" of "jiwang" in me...... And I really don't realize how much that "jiwang" part conquer my mind..... I know that I'm tough girl, although those people always telling my weakness till I feel as I'm a useless girl!

But one thing..... I like me when I got my strength when I'm not.... Even it's easy to just walk on my own way and not turning back, all of those hurts will remained etched on my mind..... And I wish for happiness and I hope that there will be someone who will hold my hand and 'lift' me up until I feel like I never being in that unhappy life before......

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